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Relief Work in Action

The Facts

Kerala is suffering its worst floods for 100 years. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and are living in over 1,000 relief camps set up in the State. There have been a number of deaths and many serious injuries. Many are missing. The numbers are rising all the time. But even in such disaster, ugly face of untouchability rises and Dalits are discriminated during relief, as reported by India Today on July 24 th , 2018. It happened earlier in Gujarat Earthquake; even Tsunami could not wash away caste.

The Nagarjuna Institute has many alumni from Kerala. Many have been further trained in social work by the Manuski Trust, Pune, which is supporting the Alumni in relief and rehabilitation work. Many of these alumni have themselves been displaced, but they are doing all they can to help others by establishing a relief camp and other activities.

Kerala Alumni flood Mapping and Rehabilitation

According to the list of Alumni database we have around 64 Alumni so far since first batch from seven districts, Kottayam, Kollam, Enrakumal, Trivendrum, Idduki, Wayanad, Allpy/Alapphuza. Out of these 7 districts all of them are affected by flood and landslides.

According to 2011 census the Schedule caste and Schedule Tribe Population in Districts of Kerala.

People were in relief camps till 21st August now they went back to their homes where the water has subsided. They are trying to rebuild their homes. As they walk in their homes they find snakes, the dirt sediments piled on the beds, floor, utensils scattered and lost. 50 people were admitted to hospital due to snake bite till date.

Sanel (8th Batch NTI student), Siji, Aneesh, Rajesh, Vipin, Rathees are in Kollam district in Mayanpalli town, there is also a Triratna centre which is under half water now.  They were in the camps till 21st August 2018. Now they are in relief work of the families and the Triratna centre. There are 14 dhammamitras related to the centre and classes are run by Sanel and his group occasionally. Binoj Babu has been the custodian of the centre but currently Sanel and other NTI students are looking after the centre.

Requirements for rebuilding lives

Anti Septic







Drinking Water



Foot Wear

Kitchen Items

Plastic/Rubber Hand Gloves

School Bags For Children

Note Books

School Stationeries

Please help us URGENTLY financially or in kind with relief and long term rehabilitation work.

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