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Kerala’s Nagloka  Alumni in Rebuilding and Rehabilitation 2018

Kerala’s Nagloka  Alumni in Rebuilding and Rehabilitation 2018

Kerala have gone through a very destructive phase due to incessant rain storms causing devastated flood and landslides. It has destructed properties, lives of human, animals all alike. Telephone service wires were ripped due to storms and trees, buildings and other objects falling on it same with the electric wires, the electric posts fell, the service had to be cut as lives were vulnerable to electrocution. Water level reached very high so most of the plain areas were under water. Paddy fields, plantations, crop fields were all under water. People had been rescued, air lifted by helicopters. People around the country rushed in for help, many organizations and individuals came to help. But the roads were broken, trains roads were jammed, it was not possible to reach at every nook and corners. Fishermen came with their fishing boats where it was unreachable. Social media was flooded with the events of flood, every hour at least there were videos and photos of people crying for help, of houses and buildings collapsing in rain, landslides, water forcing through forest, even the sturdy trees cannot withhold the current of water. Kerala was in total chaos, lives of people turned upside down.

Amidst all of these, the alumni of Nagaloka, jumped into rescue and relief relentlessly. Many have gone to relief centres which were govt. schools. The alumni provided health materials, relief materials, food supplies, clothes, medicines in various districts and relief camps. Some set up their own relief camps and provided them with shelter and food. The Nagaloka alumni are at this time had also seen many forms of caste discrimination happened during the relief work. The tribals and Dalits were the worst ignored. After few days of staying in the relief camps many dalits and tribals were forced to move out as the food and relief supplies were stopped and were being asked to move out. They were even passed derogatory comments.

So now as the water had subsided the after flood rehabilitation and rebuilding is going on throughout Kerala. There are dead animals, fishes washed ashore, fishes died in fisheries which affecting the livelihood, earthworms and many other creatures dead, plantations were destroyed and many more strange phenomenon are being witnessed. The houses properties are being destroyed many left with nothing, the small houses somehow made by the poor dalits and tribals have almost lost everything not even land. There are also various water borne diseases, skin diseases spreading after the flood.

The Nagloka alumni teamed up and are helping them in different ways. They have communicated and collaborating with the local community organizational bodies and are providing medical facilities, clothes, food and reaching out to the affected villages. Nagaloka and Manuski are also trying to raise funds and materials for them through their contacts. Mansuki also sent people to do various assessment survey which will also help the alumni to work effectively by connecting them with the govt. support for flood.

Mr Priyadarshi from Manuski has visited the alumni in September. A meeting was held and field visits done in the places alumni are involved in the rehabilitation work.  Priyadarshi has given few  recommendations to Manuski to do further rehabilitation and long term engagement as there are many discrimination and Dalits, Tribals are the worst victims.

Decisions taken during Nagaloka Alumni, Kerala meeting held at Pennamma Bhavan, Manjadi, Thiruvulla, Kerala on 11 th September 2018.

The Survey and claims to be completed in the stated Districts by 20 th September 2018, person in charge in respective Blocks and Districts will coordinate it by group of volunteers. The overall coordination for claim forms will be coordinated by RavindraPrasad. The district coordinator in consultation with

Ravindra Prasad, will key in the important data, for follow up. The estimated cost for Survey is around Rs. 60,000, which will include stationary, local travel and some honorarium for volunteers. (That is not yet finalised but roughly Rs. 10,000 per district, if villages are less, we need to pay on the basis of forms)

Manuski Kerala Flood Relief Account to be opened at OBC Branch, Kottayam District, were Abhayaloka will be shifting the base in a day or two. Following persons will be operating the account, as Signing Authority

– Manuski Representative (One of the existing Signing Authority)

– Bineesh from Abhayaloka (As Ajayan does not have PAN)

– Arun Boudh from Lokkutara













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